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811 Barstool: Sophisticated elegance

Good design never grows old. This model was first designed by the Austrian Josef Hoffmann, nearly 100 years ago. He made an elegant chair with a bentwood backrest, which is usually combined with a cane weave to ensure an extremely comfortable sitting position.


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Londri restaurant
Location: Moscow, Russia
Interior design: Sundukovy Sisters
Photo: Alexander Volodin

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Restaurant Piatti
Location: Montreal, Canada
Architects: Ivy Studio
Photo: Alex Lesage

reference-Lore BistroPhotos by Terje Ugandi_DSC_0215 1

Lore Bistro
Location: Talin, Estónsko
Interior design: Marit Ilison
Photo: Terje Ugandi, Stina Vürmer

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Total width (cm)
46, 48
Total depth (cm)
Total height (cm)
92, 109
Seat height (cm)
61, 78
Width of seat (cm)
Depth of seat (cm)
Weight of product (kg)
5, 5.3
Consumption of fabric (m)
Leather consumption (m2)
Volume (m3)
0.319, 0.374
Box dimensions (cm)
56 × 51 × 97, 56 × 51 × 114
Connection into rows

reference-Londri restaurant_TON_low-res (3) 1

811 Collection

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The foundations of the 811 Collection were laid almost a century ago by renowned Austrian designer Josef Hoffmann, who designed an eye-catching interplay of curved shapes that together create a very comfortable sitting experience. The Art Nouveau inspiration is clear here, but still allows us to combine a cane-weave backrest with an upholstered chair or barstool seat. The 811 Collection’s timeless design has been reincarnated by Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, who re-interpreted it for the modern world.

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