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Wood is a beautiful natural material – it is renewable, has a unique aroma and continues to breathe for years. Working with wood is a pleasing yet demanding task, one that we have been mastering for many generations. Thanks to our production process, which combines a high level of handwork with advanced technologies, we are able to provide you with an individualised product. We can finish your furniture in a rich palette of colours, upholster it in varied materials, and brand it with your special mark if so desired.

Wood finish

We use several types of wood to make our furniture – beech, oak, ash and American walnut. Each wood type has its unique grain pattern and colour, and with the help of transparent varnish or oil, we are able to preserve these unique characteristics. Some interiors call for the use of colour, and we can mix any shade imaginable according to customer specifications. We use several techniques to apply colour pigments, including one in which the colour transitions gradually into lighter and or darker shades. Over this we can apply a special finish that will protect the pigment from harsh cleaning agents.  


Upholstery enhances sitting comfort and is an inherent feature on many of our products. Our upholsterers have more than 100 different fabrics and materials at their disposal, each with its unique set of characteristics. Customers can choose from natural, breathable leather, easy-to-clean virgin wool, or durable materials that are suitable for heavy use settings. If a customer requires specialised material that is not found in our upholstery samplers, we can work with the customer’s own fabric. Our specialists check the characteristics of the customer’s material – including its elasticity – and consult with the customer on how best to feature decorative patterns. By supplying their own materials, customers can more easily match their TON furniture to other elements in their interior. 

Combining materials

When ordering a required minimum of pieces, some of our products allow for individualised combinations of surface materials. For example, if the standard version of a chair comes with an upholstered seat and an upholstered back, an individualised chair can be made with a solid wood seat and a woven cane back. Or the cane can be featured on the seat, and the back upholstered. An opportunity for imagination to run wild. 

Embossed or laser-applied designs

For a traditional look, customers can other elements of the customer’s interior or the customer’s own branding.