certification and product testing

Quality is a top priority at TON, an aspect of our work we value greatly. We test for quality throughout the entire production process, and we guarantee quality by ensuring that our products meet or exceed the requirements outlined in the European norm EN 16139 Furniture – Strength, durability and safety. We carry out these tests internally, as part of our own quality control, as well as in collaboration with the local branch of the certified Technical and Testing Institute for Construction. Tests are done on a special machine where chairs are repeatedly exposed to the prescribed level of stress on the seat, backrest and armrests. In addition to meeting the requirements of EN 16139, products are also tested in line with the norms set by the North American Business and Institutional Furniture Manufactures Association (BIFMA) and the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).  Our quality test results are included in the detailed information that is listed for each product on our website.

We want future generations to be surrounded by forests that are at least as large and varied as the forests we know today. To this end, we make all our furniture and furniture components from PEFC-certified wood, which has been harvested according to the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.


We are a long-term holder of the ISO 9001 quality management certificate. Our company’s environmental management policy is guided by ISO 14001, which outlines the criteria for a company’s environmental management system.