We appreciate natural materials very much and therefore we pay attention to their careful use during the whole manufacturing process. We reduce the amount of unusable waste due to a systematic training of our employees and thorough in-house audits. The aim of environmental policy in TON is not only complying with legislative limits, but reaching the bounders of minimal overloading of the environment. We have succeeded in areas of air protection and wastewater management. By using water diluted paints, we minimize the amount of emissions of organic compounds, which can unfavourably affect human immune system. Our effort of working in compliance with the environment is highlighted by the certificates PEFC and ISO.

We are holders of the PEFC certificate. We want future generations to be surrounded by forests that are at least as large and varied as the forests we know today. To this end, we make all our furniture and furniture components from PEFC-certified wood, which has been harvested according to the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.

We are a long-term holder of the ISO 9001 quality management certificate. Our company’s environmental management policy is guided by ISO 14001, which outlines the criteria for a company’s environmental management system.

Plywood for the manufacture of seating furniture
We are holders of the Plywood for the manufacture of seating furniture certificate confirming a low formaldehyde class E1 content.