the historical context of


bentwood furniture in bystrice pod hostynem


Michael Thonet and his sons set up a bentwood furniture factory in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. 


Chair No. 18 - one of the first models which was produced here and is still a part of our portfolio today. 


The origin of the legendary Chair No. 9; known today under No. 30. The factory in Bystřice pod Hostýnem becomes the development and innovation centre of the whole Thonet concern. 


The prevailing demanding economic conditions led to the fusion of the competing Kohn, Mundus and Thonet companies – giving rise to the Thonet-Mundus concern. Despite the crisis, however, the factory in Bystřice pod Hostýnem continues to produce furniture throughout this period. 


Chair and Armchair No. 811 – designed by Josef Hoffmann. 


After the Second World War, when the factory was subject to the „Reichs Chancellor“ and their administration, and given the post-war changes, the company was nationalised. 


The company’s name is changed to TON, which is an abbreviation of the Czech “Továrna na Ohýbaný Nábytek” – literally: “Factory for Bentwood Furniture”. Several other smaller production centres are allied with the factory. Nine years later, the new company logo comes into existence. 


The birth of the current TON joint stock company. The new company logo, with its iconic “Model No. 14”, originates in 2003. 


The introduction of the Merano armchair – the most successful TON model since 1994. For its shapes it has been awarded a number of prestigious international design awards. 


The 150th Anniversary of the foundation of the factory. Chair no. 002, whose three components represent a simplified version of model no. 14 (who has six of them), was introduced to celebrate the occasion. 


TON, as the first in the world, introduces splitting of solid wood in the eponymous Split Collection, where the split wood is manually bent in opposite directions. This deed has been awarded by a number of design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award. 


Delicate curves, contrasting materials and bentwood manual technology. TON has created a unique piece that will shine in any space. 


Modular design and organically shaped table legs. Modular tables with dozens of options, complemented by the stool of the same name, to match any surroundings. 


+– 160 years
A milestone in the factory’s history and a starting point for exploring its 160 years in operation. Stories that did not shape just wood, but also people’s lives.