How TON makes it

…from a piece of wood to a design chair


1 Timber drying and rods

Squared rods are stored and dried after delivery until the required humidity level is reached. The rods are usually dry enough in three months. This time depends on material properties and method of application. 

2 Steaming in the kiln

Beech timber offers the best bending capacity and is placed into saturated steam with a temperature of around 100 °C. The time spent here is determined by the profile of the squared rod. One centimetre takes one hour. 

3 Bending process

Benders place the rod into a former, seal it and put a special flange onto it. Thanks to this, the structure of the wood does not suffer any damage and remains incredibly solid even when its shape changes. It looks so simple, but it is a science. It takes more than a year to learn it correctly. 

4 Staining

Separate pieces or chair assemblies travel to the staining room to be submerged in special tanks. If the customer prefers natural wood colour, we can leave the models in the natural shade and only varnish or oil them. 

5 Finalisation

When processed, the pieces are given their final shape by hand at a designated workstation. Our experienced staff can put chair No. 14 together within 90 seconds. 

6 Varnishing

The production process ends with the lacquering stage. Even here, clever human hands in TON play full, diligent attention to the work in hand. 

7 Upholstery

Upholstery is according to customers' wishes. Customers can choose the colour, material and/or supply their own. For some models, upholstered seats and back rests can be decorated with studs. 

8 Testing

Quality is a priority for us. Our products are checked at each manufacturing level. Besides that, they undergo specific strength and durability tests in accordance with the European standard EN 161397 Furniture – Strength, durability and safety – Requirements for non-domestic seating. They withstand perfectly even the most demanding tests. 

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