Catalogue TON won awards

Product catalogue for 2014 and 2015 by TON has succeeded in two competitions. It won a category The Best corporate catalogue in competition Zlatý středník (Golden Semicolon) acknowledging domestic corporate periodic and non-periodic printed materials. Then it won silver in category Product catalogue at an international competition European Design Awards.

We introduced the catalogue at IMM in January 2014. It has been prepared more than one year by a team of more than twenty people. Only the pictures were taken by three teams of photographs. The periodical has 250 pages representing a current portfolio of TON products from classical bent range to design news and much more. “We wanted to present them in surroundings, which they are made in. Therefore a set of photographs by Václav Jirásek is focused on the surroundings around Bystřice pod Hostýnem during the four seasons of the year. The landscape is pictured on its own or in harmony with the products. These were taken by Martin Chum in our old factory premises then,” described Jan Juza, marketing director at TON.

Moreover interior set is a concept, which presents accessories by Czech designers and brands, including Daniel Pirsč, Rony Plesl, Maxim Velčovký, František Vízner, Lucie Koldová, Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus, Martin Žampach, Brokis, Lasvit and many more. Styling was done by Michaela Tomišková and Veronika Jiroušková. Graphical arrangement was up to Prague studio Marvil with team including Pavel Zelenka, Jirka Karásek, Tereza Pavelková a Erika Huptychová. They decided for simple principles without excessive decor, sophisticated design, script Ladislav by Suitcase Typefoundry and charming pictures.

The Catalogue TON 2014 - 15 was printed in 20 000 pieces in the first load and a set of other materials belongs to it. Catalogue Projects, full of designs from different parts of the world, Merano, with a new chair, Santiago representing a set for disabled people and six sample books with textiles. The whole set is compiled into a functional paper box.