The Dowel lounge armchair was awarded the Interior Innovation Award – Selection 2015

Thanks to its distinct upholstery, non-traditionally manufactured construction, and rounded shapes. The contours of the Dowel lounge armchair appealed to the Interior Innovation Award Jury, who awarded the armchair the title “ Panos Vasiliou and the Oscar Tange Italian design studio.


“We found our inspiration during our travels across India, where we noticed the bent parts of beds - typical for the majority of households. It was this aspect which evoked the first draft of the lounge armchair. It resulted in the exposed constructional details, the straps that hold the upholstery, the natural choice of materials and its very comfortable shape,” as Panos Vasiliou, one of its designers, described. It can be used in hotel lobbies, for chill-out areas, or cafés or even as a household solitaire.

The title “Selection 2015” in the Interior Innovation Award does not have to be the last one for Dowel. On January, 18th, 2015 - on the eve of the opening of IMM Cologne, the absolute winners of this year’s Interior Innovation Award will be announced.

The Interior Innovation Award was established in 2002. It is organized by the German Design Council with the assistance of the IMM Fair in Cologne. It is considered to be one of the most significant worldwide awards in the Interior Equipment industry field.