The National Architecture Award for Kafé Varšava (Warsaw Café) with TON chairs

The best "Architectural Design, Minor Constructions and Works of Art in Architecture" was created by the jury of this year's Architects Grand Prix – The National Award for Architecture in the “Kafé Warsaw” in Liberec. The authors of the design from the “Save the Warsaw Theatre Association” - Petr Hubacek, Zuzana Konášová, Ondřej Pleštil and Jiří Žid, used traditional and newly designed TON brand chairs in the interior.


The newly renovated and opened interior of the cafe, situated in the main lobby of the theatre dating from 1922, is the first step in the renovation process of the building. “Our approach to the original interior was very sensitive, we paid respect to the original values ​​of the architecture of the building and we therefore confidently proposed the new features in a confident and solid approach and in order to create a balanced whole with the original Art-deco interior," explained Zuzana Konášová. This approach was also appreciated by the Jury of this prestigious Czech competition. At the same time, it highlighted the fact that the reconstruction process has taken place thanks to the great help of sponsors as well as the enormous enthusiasm of the “Save the Warsaw Theatre Association” and the volunteers.

Here, guests can enjoy coffee, listen to lectures or discussions on TON chairs. Specifically speaking, these include the Ironica, Banana and One chair models.

Photo: Aleš Jungmann, Petr Šmídek, Roman Dobeš