The TON 2016 – 2017 Catalogue was granted the “Golden Semi-colon Award”

The new TON 2016 - 2017 Catalogue succeeded in two categories in the Czech Golden Semi-colon Corporate Publications Competition. The first was the Best Company Catalogue / Profile / Single Medium, in which TON also figured as Champion with their previous catalogue. The second award was the Executive Committee Grand Prix Award, which evaluated periodicals registered across the board in all categories. Here, it succeeded as the Absolute Winner in the Graphic Design category.

"We are pleased that we have defended the titles with our new catalogue since we believe the visual and content value is high. We do not take our catalogue simply as a medium aimed at promoting sales, but a book that tells the whole story of the brand," commented Marketing Director Jan Juza regarding this success. The catalogue thus introduces its readers not only to current product portfolio brands, but also the factory complex, captured by the lens of Salim Issa, a prominent and well recognised author of the contemporary Czech art scene.

Apart from him, two other photographers - Lukas Pelech, the author of the product photographs; and Martin Chum, who worked on the interior images, participated in the catalogue´s appearance. These were taken in the premises of the original factory, built in 1861. The Czech designer Michael Tomišková - winner of the Czech Grand Design / Grand Designer 2014 title, also had a share in the styling. "We also have to thank the Prague-based designer Paul Zelenka´s Marvil Studio which looks after our graphic concept and takes care of our future visual identity," said Jan Juza.

The TON 2016 - 2017 Catalogue was first introduced this year in January at the IMM Cologne Trade Fair. Together with it, the company also publishes a materials sample-book and the Project Catalogue, in which locations where it is possible to sit on a TON chair are captured. The electronic version of these printed materials is available for inspection on the company's website:

About the Golden Semi-colon Award (Zlatý středník)

The Golden Semi-colon Award is prepared and guaranteed by the PR Club, Not-For-Profit Organization; the oldest of similarly-focused competitions in the Czech Republic. This year was the 14th Annual Competition. It evaluates corporate periodicals as well as non-periodical media designed to represent companies, and the presentation of products and services to customers, business partners or employees.