TON are supporting the MAKE CITY Festival in Berlin

TON has become a partner of the first Annual Berlin Festival of Architecture and Urbanism - MAKE CITY. This starts on 11th, June and will last until 28th, June. It will offer visitors over 125 events, lectures, tours or exhibitions.


“Architectural and urban prototypes are evolving in Berlin that are expanding the frontiers of urban planning and questioning conventional design processes. This is why TON has invited creative people drawn from a number of architectural fields, creative industries, citizens´ groups, local initiatives, political groupings as well as Berliners to hold discussions about new models for urban development and participative strategies,” the festival´s founder – Francesca Ferguson said.

The program will be oriented on three areas. The first is “Municipal Communal Public Spaces”, with an orientation on municipal landscapes and their design. The second is “Municipal Life and Work”, which will introduce a cutting-edge mix of municipal work-spaces, accommodation and new housing models. The third incorporates “Urban Open Resources: Joint-design” and this will cover discussions on sustainable and innovative urban planning.

The details of the program are available here: Entry to all events is free-of-charge; nevertheless, it is essential – due to limited numbers to pre-register on these web-pages.