Barstool Split

311 372 - 000069

Barstool, high, ash, colour of your choice from B4, B105, B112, B114, B115, B123 and pigment colors, leg connection 01

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5 pc.


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Guide to a wood selection
Select your wood and colour
Coffee (B 004)
Dark Wenge (B 105)
Dark chocolate (B 112)
Nougat (B 114)
Granite (B 115)
Honey (B 116)
Black Grain (B 123)
White Powder
S 276 (B 276)
Ash wood is white to yellowish in colour and exhibits pronounced growth rings, which create beautiful patterns. Ash is strong, hard, but also very flexible. Just like beech, it is well suited for manual wood bending.

In Standard finish, we offer stains that do not affect the wood structure. Most of the shades do not hide the texture. The natural characteristics of ash allow the wood to absorb colour differently, resulting in a surface with lighter and darker markings. The final look of the product is also influenced by the original wood colour. A colour stain is always finished with a transparent water-based lacquer, which creates a durable, impervious coating that requires minimal maintenance.
C 120 (B 20)
Sandy Beige
C 631 (B 31)
Ginger Yellow
C 432 (B 32)
Ocean Blue
C 237 (B 37)
Grey Shadow
C 180 (B 38)
Nude Pink
C 340 (B 40)
Salmon Pink
C 341 (B 41)
Coral Orange
C 342 (B 42)
Ruby Red
C 343 (B 43)
Creamy Yellow
C 444 (B 44)
Aqua Green
C 545 (B 45)
Turquoise Green
C 546 (B 46)
Pine Green
C 547 (B 47)
Baby Blue
C 548 (B 48)
Cloud Grey
C 139 (B 49)
Moon Grey
C 150 (B 50)
Opal Blue
C 253 (B 53)
Mountain Fjord
C 254 (B 54)
Mountain Fjord
C 254 (B 54)
Pigments cover the colour and texture of wood. Ash has a pronounced pore structure, however, and this remains visible after a pigment has been applied. This attribute influences the final look of the product, together with the original wood colour, the production process, the angle of light, as well as individual perception of colour.
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Choose height
High barstool
Low barstool
Choose height High barstool  

Choose glides

Choose glides
Felt glide (black)
Felt glide (white)
Teflon glide (grey)
Felt glide – wooden floors

Teflon glide – laminate, cork and vinyl floors, tiles, carpeting, linoleum
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