Casablanca Bench 684

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design  /  TOM KELLEYD/IT

The bench of the Casablanca seating system supplements the collection of the armchair, lounge armchair, narrow and wide conference table. It stands out through its clean upholstery, comfort and variability, allowing its use in various types of interiors.


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Beech natural (lacquer)
Beech natural (oil)
Coffee (B 4)
Dark wenge (B 105)
Dark chocolate (B 112)
Nougat (B 114)
Granite (B 115)
Honey (B 116)
Black Grain (B 123)
White Powder (B 276)
Staining does not affect the wood structure and most colours do not suppress the wood pattern, either. On the contrary, wood as a natural material absorbs colours differently and for this reason the surface is characterised by lighter or darker places. The colour result is also affected by the initial range of colour of individual woody plants. Stains are applied by either immersion or spraying. The surface is then finished only with transparent lacquer. There is no surcharge for stain colour finishes.
Antique Classic (B 130 / A)
Antique finish is created by using specially developed finishing materials, which are applied manually – this technology underlines the unevenness and the originality of each product. The Antique Classic finish imitates a dark stained chair surface which has been attacked not only by age, but also by woodworm. Besides irregular, rubbed off, bleached, and hand-worn spots, the surface is also decorated with tiny holes made by the woodworm wood
B 20 white (B 20)
Sandy Beige (B 31)
Ginger yellow (B 32)
Ocean Blue (B 37)
Grey Shadow (B 38)
nude pink (B 40)
salmon pink (B 41)
coral orange (B 42)
ruby red (B 43)
creamy yellow (B 44)
aqua green (B 45)
turquoise green (B 46)
Pine Green (B 47)
Baby blue (B 48)
cloud grey (B 49)
Moon grey (B 50)
Blue Berries (B 52)
Opal Blue (B 53)
Mountain fjord (B 54)
Ashy blue (B 55)
Lichen green (B 61)
Taupe pink (B 95)
The natural colour and texture of wood can be covered with pigment finishes, which create a compact colour layer on the surface. The final appearance of the pigment finishes on the surface is, however, influenced by the type of wood, their different porosity and colour, production technology, light refraction and individual perception of colour finishes. The relief on beech plywood is so monolithic after being finished with pigment colours that it may look like a pressed plastic part.
American Walnut
American walnut is native to North America and was brought to Europe in the 17th century. It is of dark brown colour with lighter strips and spots of purple tinge. Thanks to its colouring, it is ideal as a substitute in furniture manufacture for more expensive dark wood. American walnut is a hard, strong but relatively light wood from the temperate zone. It is easy to process and its surface shows a beautiful gloss and colouring, especially when treated with oil.
Choose a colourBeech natural (lacquer) 

Choose surface material

MDR 0000
MDR 31174
MDR 70386
MDR 71295
Prince 171
Prince 179
Prince 180
Prince 188
Pigmented leather can also be dyed with aniline dyes. The epidermis may be brushed. The surface finish is a layer of pigment dye with an imprint of the uniform raster of the leather surface. This results in loss of natural permeability, reduction in softness and the ability to remove moisture. On the other hand, the pigment layers have very good wear resistance, colour-fastness, better resistance to soiling and are easier to maintain. Prince and MDR are pigmented leathers which fulfil the requirements of intensive usage of products that are easy and quick to maintain.
Elmo leather 43024
Elmo leather 43807
Elmo leather 93957
Elmo leather 99001
This leather is processed with vegetable oils. Only water-soluble aniline dye is used to dye the leather so the surface of the leather is not treated with a pigment layer. The leather thus retains its open pores and natural permeability, softness and smoothness. Permeability increases user comfort. The temperature of the leather easily adapts to the temperature of the human body, thus eliminating the feeling of cold or unpleasant overheating. Aniline leather best manifests the natural character of leather. The non-uniform colour, natural flaws and individual surface pattern accentuate the originality of each piece. Elmotique is a thinner aniline leather with a tiedye effect which shows all the properties of original leather.
Choose surface material Jet bioactive 9610 
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  • Total height (cm)67
  • Seat height (cm)40
  • Width of seat (cm)126
  • Depth of seat (cm)45
  • Weight of product (kg)41
  • Volume (m3)0,744

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how we make it...

We manually bend our furniture in the same workshops where this technology has been in use since 1861. However, we moved the features of this unique technique further more and mix them with contemporary designers’ thoughts. Our tables and chairs become a connection of quality, innovative shapes and a legacy to the place that has learned to understand the wood for generations.

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