La Zitta Chair

319 301 - 003002

beech, Chair, upholstery of your choice, colour of your choice,

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113 pc.


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Select your wood and colour

Guide to a wood selection
Select your wood and colour
Natural (varnished surface)
Natural (oiled surface)
Coffee (B 4)
Dark Wenge (B 105)
Dark Chocolate (B 112)
Nougat (B 114)
Granite (B 115)
Honey (B 116)
Black Grain (B 123)
White Powder
S 276 (B 276)
Beech is one of the best known and most commonly used deciduous trees in furniture making. It is a hard, strong, homogenous wood, well suited for manual wood bending. Beech is light to pinkish light in colour with a less pronounced texture, as there is not a marked difference in the colour of spring and summer wood – the contrast that creates annual growth rings.

In Standard finish, we offer stains that do not affect the wood structure. Most of the shades do not hide the texture. The natural characteristics of beech allow the wood to absorb colour differently, resulting in a surface with light and dark markings. The final look of the product is also influenced by the original wood colour. A colour stain is always finished with a transparent water-based lacquer, which creates a durable, impervious coating that requires minimal maintenance.

The Beech Natural option can also be finished with oil, which is applied to the raw, worked surface. The colourless oil base comprising natural oils and waxes creates a protective matte coating that does not crack or peel. The oil highlights the natural colour of the wood, reveals its structure, and allows the wood to breathe. With the help of our Carebox, small scratches can be sanded over and re-oiled, leaving your TON product looking like new.

!Each beech wood component reacts to selected technology in different ways. This natural property causes variation in component colour finish. Surface finishing with oil highlights these nuances. The colour aspect of independent wood components will even out and unify in a natural way with solar radiation and oxidation within a few months.
Antique Classic (B 130/A)
If you would rather not wait for years before your furniture develops a natural patina, you can enjoy the look of antique furniture with this specialised finishing technique. Starting with a dark stain, Antique Finish imitates irregular scratches, sun-bleached spots, frequently touched areas and even woodworm bores. The imitation age marks are applied by hand with specially developed finishing materials, which in no way affect the product’s quality. Each resulting piece is an original.
C 120 (B 20)
Sandy Beige
C 631 (B 31)
Ginger Yellow
C 432 (B 32)
Ocean Blue
C 237 (B 37)
Grey Shadow
C 180 (B 38)
Nude Pink
C 340 (B 40)
Salmon Pink
C 341 (B 41)
Coral Orange
C 342 (B 42)
Ruby Red
C 343 (B 43)
Creamy Yellow
C 444 (B 44)
Aqua Green
C 545 (B 45)
Turquoise Green
C 546 (B 46)
Pine Green
C 547 (B 47)
Baby Blue
C 548 (B 48)
Cloud Grey
C 139 (B 49)
Moon Grey
C 150 (B 50)
Blue Berries
C 252 (B 52)
Opal Blue
C 253 (B 53)
Mountain Fjord
C 254 (B 54)
Ashy Blue
C 255 (B 55)
Lichen Green
C 561 (B 61)
Taupe Pink
C 395 (B 95)
Pigments transform natural wood tones into a full spectrum of colour, covering fully the original wood tone as well as the texture. If a product has a design embossed on the seat or backrest, the design becomes less pronounced once a pigment has been applied. The final appearance of the pigment is influenced by the original colour and porosity of the wood, the production process, the angle of light, as well as individual perception of colour.
Select your wood and colour Natural (oiled surface) - Beech Standard  

Choose surface material

Guide to a fabric selection
Brunei 18
Brunei 29
Brunei 31
Brunei 38
Brunei 45
Fargo 701
Fargo 710
Fargo 923
Fargo 927
Fargo 990
Harby 801
Harby 810
Harby 990
Parisian blue (Jim 598)
Jim 604
Jim 718
Jim 767
Jim 803
Jim 826
Jim 828
Anthracite (Jim 898)
Lerma 801
Lerma 818
Lerma 847
Lerma 882
Luciana 750
Luciana 801
Luciana 838
Luciana 881
Manresa 108
Blue-black stripe (Manresa 905)
Manresa 907
Robo 562
Robo 566
Robo 703
Robo 708
Robo 820
Robo 857
Robo 885
Grain Arcilla 75
Grain Blanco 00
Grain Canella 11
Grain Crema 02
Grain gris 01
Grain Marino 69
Grain Marron 23
Grain Negro 90
Grain Rojo 29
Grain Teja 15
Grain Tierra 07
This collection comprises fabrics in a palette of earth tones with blends of cotton, linen and viscose, as well as 100% polyester. Fabrics in this collection are highly resistant to abrasion and meet cigarette burn resistance tests.

Category A includes the short piled Brunei Velvet. The surface of this fabric is finished with Teflon, which repels water, controls static and ensures stain resistance.

Grain is imitation leather material with antibacterial properties, which meets cigarette and match burn resistance tests. As a result, it is well suited for use in healthcare and aged care facilities.
Jet Bioactive 8033
Jet Bioactive 9109
Jet Bioactive 9110
Jet Bioactive 9301
Jet Bioactive 9304
Jet Bioactive 9401
Jet bioactive 9403
Jet bioactive 9610
Jet Bioactive 9702
Jet bioactive 9804
Torino 9401
Torino 9601
Torino 9616
Torino 9701
Torino 9707
Torino 9818
This category includes lightweight fabrics made from Trevira CS. The fabrics are highly resistant to abrasion and are inherently flame retardant, meeting the Crib 5 standard for flame retardant materials. Easy to maintain, these comfortable fabrics are permeable and resistant to fading.
Garda 9301
Garda 9307
Garda 9406
Garda 9616
Garda 9808
Lowlands 513
Lowlands 516
Lowlands 521
Lowlands 524
Lowlands 529
Lowlands 531
Lowlands 541
Lowlands 542
Lowlands 562
Lowlands 571
Lowlands 572
Lowlands 581
Lowlands 585
This category includes medium-weight fabrics made from Trevira CS. These permeable fabrics are highly resistant to abrasion and fading and meet the Crib 5 standard for flame retardant materials.

Category C includes the Lowlands Plain fabric with subtle over-felting and a high content of virgin wool. This high-quality natural material is inherently antibacterial, water-repellent and anti-static. The fabric is highly resistant to abrasion, holds its shape, does not absorb odours or dust, and meets the most stringent requirements for non-flammable materials.
Milkyway - powder
Milkyway - jade
Milkyway - shadow
Mica Aqua
Mica Arion
Mica Papillon
Dante black
Dante chrom
Dante lanoso
Dante snow
Sand 01/90
Sand 02/00
Sand 06/78
Sand 07/88
Sand 10/80
Sera anthrazit
Sera calla
Sera pepper
Sera walnut
Topia bronce
Topia curry
Topia heart
Topia messing
Topia orion
Topia platin
Topia schiefer
Walker 01
Walker 10
Walker 40
Walker 68
Walker 88
This category includes heavy-weight fabrics made from Trevira CS. These permeable fabrics are highly resistant to abrasion and fading and meet the Crib 5 standard for flame retardant materials.

Category D includes fabrics with a high content of virgin wool that have been treated with peeling. This process burns off excess fibres, preventing them from shedding while the product is in use.

Virgin wool is a natural material of high quality, inherently antibacterial, water-repellent and anti-static. The fabric holds its shape, does not absorb odours or dust, and meets the most stringent requirements for non-flammable materials.

The Milkyway fabric is unusual for its representation of the Milky Way, with a pattern that repeats every three metres. Chairs upholstered in the Milkyway fabric are unique originals and form a beautiful celestial whole when clustered around a table.
MDR 0000
MDR 31174
MDR 70386
MDR 71295
Prince 171
Prince 179
Prince 180
Prince 188
The pigmented Prince and MDR leathers feature a regular embossed grain pattern with no surface defects, which makes these leathers particularly popular in restaurant and hotel establishments. Although the grain correction process removes leather’s natural permeability and soft touch, it brings a whole range of functional benefits – a uniform surface pattern, easy maintenance, and higher resistance to wear-and-tear and fading.
Elmotique 43024
Elmotique 43807
Elmotique 93957
Elmotique 99001
Elmotique aniline leather is one of the highest quality leathers available on the market. Thanks to a careful selection of Scandinavian hides and the applied manufacturing process, which uses plant-based oils and water-soluble aniline dyes, the material breathes naturally and adjusts quickly to ambient temperature (environmental or human). Elmotique is very soft and features all the wonderful characteristics of natural leather. The material is made in a Swedish tannery that is recognised for being the most ecological facility of its kind in the world.
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Choose glides

Choose glides
Felt glide (black)
Felt glide (white)
Teflon glide (grey)
Felt glide – wooden floors

Teflon glide – laminate, cork and vinyl floors, tiles, carpeting, linoleum
Choose glides Teflon glide (grey)  


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