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beech, Coat hook, beech, colour of your choice, no package

Item conditionColour selection (chairs and accessories 2-3 weeks, tables 6-8 weeks) 
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13 pc.


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Choose a colour

Choose a colour
White (B 20)
Sandy Beige (B 31)
Ginger Yellow (B 32)
Ocean Blue (B 37)
Grey Shadow (B 38)
Nude Pink (B 40)
Salmon Pink (B 41)
Coral Orange (B 42)
Ruby Red (B 43)
Creamy Yellow (B 44)
Aqua Green (B 45)
Turquoise Green (B 46)
Pine Green (B 47)
Baby Blue (B 48)
Cloud Grey (B 49)
Moon Grey (B 50)
Blue Berries (B 52)
Opal Blue (B 53)
Mountain Fjord (B 54)
Ashy Blue (B 55)
Lichen Green (B 61)
Taupe Pink (B 95)
Pigments transform natural wood tones into a full spectrum of colour, covering fully the original wood tone as well as the texture. If a product has a design embossed on the seat or backrest, the design becomes less pronounced once a pigment has been applied. The final appearance of the pigment is influenced by the original colour and porosity of the wood, the production process, the angle of light, as well as individual perception of colour.
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