Benjamin´s kitchen - Melbourne, Australia

In December 2014 - after two years of renovations and modifications, an Asian restaurant called Benjamin's Kitchen was opened in Alphington, a Melbourne suburb. The restaurant's interior, with its 40 seat capacity, is the work of Aaron Wong, the interior designer who stands behind the Alexander Pollock brand. His goal was to rid the interior of its industrial appearance - so typical for this region.

The result is a space full of pastel shades and delicate decorations, inspired by the book “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway. This is especially reflected on the walls, where the artist Chloe Planinšek created paintings that can be either interpreted as the incoming tide at dusk, or a cloudy sky. Several porcelain birds fly above these light blue-colored swatches. This dreamy atmosphere is also enhanced by cloud-shaped lights hanging over the big round table and bar counter.

On the walls behind, one can not only find classical shelving units but glass panels that can be moved from side to side, which allows the operator to show the TON White collection.

In October 2015, the company also opened two rooms on the upper floor. Their interiors are visually linked to the ground floor rooms; offering however more intimate dining and private event possibilities.

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