Cafe Archa - Zlín, Czech Republic

Café Archa: Zlín’s functionalism in a cup

Café Archa is located on Tř. Tomáše Bati in Zlín, in a building dating from the 1930s but transformed by the functionalism so typical of the town. Functionalism was initially the architectonic style developed by Adolf Loos and, in the 1930s, the architect Le Corbusier, among others. Le Corbusier loved to use a No. 30 armchair in his projects, which designer Adéla Bačová, who oversaw the creation of the modern café interior, restored to the café with other bentwood furniture models.

“We decided to work with large, coloured surfaces in the café interior because they were characteristic of Le Corbusier. At the same time, we brought in TON’s timeless bentwood furniture. The organic forms of these products contrasted with the angles and corners and filled the otherwise simple, linear space. We were also inspired by the use of linoleum on the bar, for example, with a glass display case for cakes. This was another material frequently used in interiors during the functionalist period,” says designer Adéla Bačová.

The colourful space swaggers in white, pale blue, black and striking red, which is used in several interior details. The black glass reflects some of the elements, such as the lighting and provides a counterpoint to the delicate glass accessories.

This architectonic style clearly expressed the bond between the internal and external space. A green “wall” was created beside the window, making the interior more intimate and the otherwise cold glazed facade cosier. “The counterpoints we see connect it even more closely with Zlín. They are trees in the local park and the gorgeous Trantírek House directly opposite the café,” adds Adéla Bačová.

The slogan “form follows function” was the guiding principle for the whole space. Timelessness, rather than following current trends, has become the essence. Delicate accessories and flowers also complete the atmosphere and cosiness of the café.


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