Caffé Arti e Mestieri - Reggio Emilia, Italy

Caffè Arti e Mestieri

Experience good taste, an elegant interior and a view of the garden! The Italian restaurant Caffè Arti e Mestieri in Reggio Emilia, near Modena, is a delight for all the senses.

The understated, precisely rendered interior is the outcome of a partnership between LO Studio and Duccio Grassi, the architect behind the original project of 1988. The ground floor and mezzanine feel airy and pristine. They are connected by vertical pendant lights cutting through the space. The wallpapered sections with a romantic forest motif and the TON 811 chairs with cane weave backrests create a central European ambience.

The large windows in the main space allow the interior to link smoothly and naturally with the exterior – a beautiful view of the garden designed by Pietro Porcinai. The historical building also has an internal quadrangle, which is used to expand capacity in spring and summer and is a lovely place to sit over your aperitif, or even your dinner.

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