Common Reader Bookstore - Hangzhou, China

Common Reader Bookstore

Quiet atmosphere, fragrant coffee, pages of engaging tales – this is how we imagine the Common Reader Bookstore, a book lover’s paradise promising an oasis of serenity where you can immerse yourself in your favourite book.

“We believe that a bookstore should be more than a warehouse of books; it should be a place where people like to meet, a place where they can absorb the knowledge gained from the books. Each table and chair were designed specifically for the space. The tilted shelving in the bookcases makes it easy to put down or pick up a book,” describes the bookstore Atelier tao + c, the design studio that gave the bookstore its look.

In their design, the studio focused on eliminating unnecessary elements and retaining only essential pieces of furniture. Dark wood panelling is paired with pleasant green tones to evoke the feel of an old library.

“We drew inspiration from European cafes that serve as meeting places for writers and other creative souls, places where stories are born. This called for chairs made by TON, specifically the classic no.14 and the Banana chairs. Together, the two chairs provide a perfect balance between traditional and modern design,” adds Atelier tao + c.

The bookstore is located in Hangzhou, the capital and the largest city in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang, China. Atelier tao + c was founded in Shanghai in 2016 by Liu Tao and Chunyan Cai. In addition to designing interiors, the founders work on architectural design, product design and restoration of old buildings.

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