Copper Bar - Litomyšl, Czech Republic

The assignment for the Zavoral Architect Studio was imprint the interior spaces of the bar in the center of Litomysl with a new character, appropriate to its location in the historical center of the city, while at the same time creating an intimate atmosphere for conversations over a glass of something good to drink.

"We prepared this project beginning in the Autumn of 2015, which is why the entire reconstruction process took place relatively quickly. Work began at the beginning of the New Year ... and within three months – i.e. by March 4th, the Copper Bar was opened," said the architect, Tomas Zavoral.

A sense of intimacy was introduced in the premises, evoked by coarse stucco walls and segmental arches which span the whole space, painted in dark hues. The twelve-year old brother of the architect took care of the toilets´ decor. These are located in the rear part of the building and a long corridor leads to them. "It's my favorite place. Even in its new form, it corresponds to the original, narrow Gothic architectural breakdown," the architect added.

Blacksmith Black tones also appear on the items used for the décor. In view of the set budget - that could not be exceeded, older pieces of furniture were incorporated into the design. "The traditional TON bentwood chairs, which were here prior to the Copper Bar were still in good condition, even after fourteen years of daily use. We simply bought additional pieces, changed the upholstery, and unite them all by using the same color tones," said Zavoral. The bar interior is made up of 31 seats; while in good weather, the capacity can then be increased by the outdoor garden, located in the arcade.

Undoubtedly the strongest element of these interior spaces however, is (the use of) copper, with which the bar area is sheathed. "This semi-precious metal adds elegance and depth to the interior, and charges it with energy. The copper attribute also served as the impulse for the new name of the company," said Zavoral in conclusion.

Products in the project