Londri restaurant - Moscow, Russia

Londri Restaurant: combining materials and organic shapes

You will fall in love with this place. At its heart you will always find a hot pizza oven and an open kitchen. As well as the excellent food, visitors will also enjoy watching the dance of preparing food or mixing drinks – you can see what is happening in the kitchen or at the bar from each table. Londri Restaurant was designed by the sisters Irina and Olga Sundukovy, also known as the “Sundukovy Sisters”.

“The goal was to turn a visit to the restaurant into an enjoyable experience. Diners can watch what is happening on the other side, behind the bar and in the kitchen, which makes dining a more intensive experience. We also always go back in time in our projects by exploring the purpose of the space before it was transformed. In this case it was a laundry, from which the name Londri was derived,” the Sundukovy Sisters explain.

The fabrics that were an integral part of the laundry also play a part in its current form. Observant visitors will notice that they are reproduced in the columns, and translucent lamps, and on the backs of the sofas that were designed for this restaurant or on the TON 811 chairs with the cane weave detail. “We also placed great emphasis on the materials used – the wooden window portals, plaster reliefs on the walls, marble or brass plates on the pizza oven, all make the interior more distinctive. French parquets and natural stone tiles with a classic octagonal layout add the finishing touch,” they add.

The interior designers, the twins Irina and Olga Sundukovy, founded the S + S – Sundukovy Sisters studio in 2004. The studio is based in Moscow but has field offices in Paris, New York, Dubai and London. This is not the only reason why they are recognised in the international field of design; their projects can be found on all the world’s continents. They always search for inspiration in the historical context of the place and, at the same time, they subordinate its transformation for future visitors.

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