Puri Guliani, bakery - Tbilisi, Georgia

Puri Guliani is located in one of the oldest districts of Tbilisi. The name of the restaurant goes back to the history of Georgian baking traditions. And, today Puri Guliani continues this tradition which began more than thousands of years ago.

Puri Guliani (Heartful bread or Bread with a heart (filling) inside) – this is what our Georgian ancestors called pastries that they earnestly created all over Georgia with a variety of fillings. These pastries were later shared with important and beloved people, marking the significance of the dishes. That’s why we call our Sakhabazo (bakery) and kitchen Puri Guliani. Here we bring history to life and contribute to the everlasting tradition of the development of the Georgian baking.

Puri Guliani is a new generation Georgian bakery in which nostalgic episodes of Georgian culture gently meets with modern touches and romantic elements. It is a bakery type of restaurant which was missing in Tbilisi, Where people can visit and gather all day long, during breakfast, lunch, dinner or brunch.

The concept which was developed by the consulting agency Gastronauts is based on one of the oldest Georgian baking culture and its heritage. Main goal was to create new generation bakery with unique Geogian concept, without an analog in Georgia, where already familiar and also almost forgotten Georgian pastries, sweets and other dishes coming alive in a new interesting and modern way.

Interior design inspiration:

The restaurant occupies two levels. On the ground floor there are three  entrance areas, a bathroom, a main hall, a service bar area with an open kitchen and a modern display fridges full of sweet delights. The one of the main design elements of the first floor is a huge metal oven where daily are baked khachapuri and other Georgian pastries, which can be seen by guests constantly. 

The iron spiral staircase connecting the first and second floors that brought a touch of retro chic to the interior, is inspired by the vintage stairs that was typical for old Tbilisi’s architecture. 

Concrete gives the interior a bit of brutality and at the same time it looks fashionable and stylish - in the spirit of current trends in design.

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