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14 Barstool: A timeless icon

Simple bentwood shapes make any interior shine, be it hotel, restaurant or development project. If you need an unobtrusive, tried-and-tested design, reach for the Number 14 barstool – and let the surrounding interior do the talking.


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The iconic collection of Number 14 chairs and barstools is an example of traditional hand-bent wood, a process that has not even remotely changed since the 19th century. The classic shapes of this timeless range have been popular since 1859, when the model was first designed and constructed. The Number 14’s flexibility and unobtrusive shapes make it suitable for both homes and restaurants. The chair itself is assembled from just six pieces of bentwood, which were originally shipped unassembled to trading partners around the globe. This easy but revolutionary distribution method also ensured Fourteen’s mass popularity in the 19th century and, as a result, it can still be found all over the world today.



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