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How a Ton chair is made

Every one of our chairs passes through at least 20 pairs of hands. We control the birth of a product from the beginning to the final design piece.

Twenty Pairs Of Hands Behind Every Product

We oversee every step of chair production, ensuring precision and quality from material selection to final assembly. This approach produces beautiful, timeless products, reflecting our dedication to honest craftsmanship in every chair.

Ola Rune designer
Claesson Koivisto Rune
“Watching people working at the Ton factory is like watching a ballet. It is one of the most powerful experiences that a designer can be a part of.”

Let Us Tell You The Story Of The Chair's Birth



First of all, every chair is born in the designer’s mind. The designer then puts this idea on paper, and creates a beautiful, timeless product for us.
Our design management team approves the product’s appe­arance, then the slow birthing process can start.


CEO Milan

Personally buys local wood within a radius of about 200 km, and choosing only the best, because top-quality wood is essential for us.



Works in the lumber store where uniform pieces of wood are prepared and monitors their moisture content for up to five months.

Contact me to arrange your visit to our factory

Hana Chovancová
Visitor Centre manager

Michaela Thoneta 148
Bystřice pod Hostýnem
Czech republic