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30 Armchair: Ode To Woodbending

The skill of our staff is best displayed in this iconic chair, said to be the favourite of famous architect Le Corbusier. You can enjoy this ode to woodbending as much as he did.


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reference-Piatti by Ivy Studio — Photo © Alex Lesage 77

Lore Bistro
Location: Talin, Estónsko
Interior design: Marit Ilison
Photo: Terje Ugandi, Stina Vürmer

reference-_studio_Isern Serra_TON_30 (14) 11

Six N. Five
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Interior design: Isern Serra Photographer: Salva Lopez
Constructor: Tegola Rosso SL
Photo: Salva Lopez

reference-Piatti by Ivy Studio — Photo © Alex Lesage 17 1

Restaurant Piatti
Location: Montreal, Canada
Architects: Ivy Studio
Photo: Alex Lesage

reference_Wohn und Burohaus, Pfalzen 02 2

Puri Guliani, bakery & kitchen
Location: Georgia
Interior Design: Esma Khetsuriani, Lali Papashvily
Photographer: Mikhail Loskutov


Location: Pfalzen, Italy
Architect: Stifter + Bachmann


Total width (cm)
Total depth (cm)
Total height (cm)
Seat height (cm)
Width of seat (cm)
Depth of seat (cm)
Weight of product (kg)
Consumption of fabric (m)
Leather consumption (m2)
Volume (m3)
0.33, 0.372, 0.379
Box dimensions (cm)
60 × 57 × 84, 94 × 53 × 65, 99 × 52 × 64
Connection into rows

reference_REC_COFFEE_taiwan_030_018 (1) 1

30&33 Collection

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Many architects have loved the clean, curved lines of this product range, most famously the great Le Corbusier himself, who put a Number 30 chair in his Pavillon de l’Esprit Nouveau collection, as part of the 1924 Paris Art Exhibition. At the time, the public was shocked by the extreme minimalism of Le Corbusier’s design. But minimalism is the main element of this chair collection, demonstrating how beautiful design can be when combined with honest craftsmanship. However, this range does have one maximalist element: comfort! How timeless can a design be, when it lasts for decades and does not need to change? How versatile can design be when it perfectly complements not only modernist interiors but also rustic spaces?

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