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Banana Barstool: Tall Smiling Comfort

This barstool may seem ordinary, but from afar its curved backrest makes it look like it is smiling. The banana shape also supplies its name: Banana. Made of solid wood, yet light and subtle, with the option of adding an upholstered seat for the ultimate in comfort.


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takenouchi webb_longtail_singaupure 1

Long Tail
Location: Singapore
Architect: Takenouchi Webb

reference_Lock_In (3) 1

07_Mimosa_Proti_Proudu_BoysPlayNice 1

Bistro proti proudu
Location: Czech Republic
Architect: Mimosa a Modulora

Reference_Newstead_Brewing (4) 1

Brewing Company
Location: Austria

sas_0540-final-2 1

Potrefená husa Na Verandách
Location: Czech Republic
Architect: edit! architects
Photo: Saša Dobrovodský


Total width (cm)
Total depth (cm)
Total height (cm)
92, 107
Seat height (cm)
61, 76
Width of seat (cm)
Depth of seat (cm)
Weight of product (kg)
4.6, 4.9
Volume (m3)
0.273, 0.3, 0.315, 0.336
Box dimensions (cm)
50 × 48 × 99, 52 × 48 × 117, 130 × 67 × 30, 50 × 48 × 114
Connection into rows

výroba - TON-LG-rakos-LR-01 (26) 1

Banana Collection

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The Banana Collection is good at surprises. It may seem ordinary, but when you are seated on either the chair or the barstool, it becomes a haven of comfort. Bananas do exactly what they are supposed to do – provide functionality, comfort and an appealingly conservative look. What makes this chair stand out is the backrest curved into a banana shape, which inspired the product family’s name.

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