how we manage your personal data

We manage and process your personal data responsibly and in line with existing regulations. The new European Parliament and European Council regulation on data protection and privacy (EU Regulation 2016/679) have brought further requirements to this area. This document seeks to explain how TON is meeting these new requirements. Should you have any questions, we welcome them at

1. Who oversees the use of my personal information?

The joint controllers of your personal information are the companies comprising the TON Group, namely TON a.s. and its subsidiaries. You can contact the individual responsible for overseeing the proper use of your personal data by writing to the relevant subsidiary or by emailing to Definition of ‘joint controllers’ can be found here.

2. for what purpose is my personal data being processed?

Every proper agreement requires personal data. We use your personal data to conclude a purchase agreement and to deliver on the subject of the agreement, which in our case means supplying the furniture and/or accessories we have promised to you, our customers. Personal data is used only within the scope required for the specified purpose.

You can also agree to have your personal data used for marketing purposes. This includes:

  • Registration in our Business Zone, a non-public area of the TON website ( used for the sharing of marketing and other sales materials. These materials are most often used by dealers, architects, designers, journalists and our other partners. A Business Zone registration can be deleted at any time.
  • Registration to receive our newsletters, which leads to regular mailings of up-to-date, relevant information about new products in our portfolio, sales events, product care and broader customer support. The request to be our newsletter mailing list is located in the footer of each newsletter.
  • The contact form in the Kariéra [Careers] section of our website allows you to submit an online application for employment at TON (please note this section is only available in the Czech version of the website). All materials submitted through the Careers contact form (resume, cover letter and others) are used only for human resource management purposes and are processed in line with all legislative as well as internal guidelines.

You can withdraw your consent for the use of your personal data at any time, in whole or in part, by writing to or to the postal address noted in part 1. Up-to-date information about personal data management is available on TON’s website at

3. who has access to my personal data?

Authorised TON employees use your data to ensure that your order is completed and delivered to the specified address. In addition, third parties contracted by TON for specific services, such as product delivery or IT services, can have access to your data. To ensure that your personal data is safe, we have entered into appropriate agreements with all relevant third parties.

4. how long do you keep my personal details?

We keep them for as long as we are required to do so by legislation. However, at any time you can contact the authorised individual (for contact details see points 1 and 2 above) and ask that you be given access to your data held by TON, that the data be updated, or that it be in the EU, where your identity will be verified before processing. 

5. does the TON website ( use cookies?

Just like the vast majority of other websites, our website ( uses small files called cookies. Specifically, this entails cookies for applications like AdWords, Facebook, Google Analytics, Sklik, Google Tag Manager, Pinterest and Google Business. In terms of longevity, there are two types of cookies: 1. short-term “session cookies”, which are stored on your computer only until the end of your browsing session, and 2. long-term “persistent” cookies, which remain on your computer longer (for a period determined by settings in your web browser and the cookies themselves) or until you remove the cookies yourself. 

6. how can I refuse cookies?

You can refuse the storage of cookies when you first visit our website ( through the pop-up window that appears on the screen. You can also prevent cookies from being stored on your computer through your internet browser. For detailed information on enabling or disabling cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Android and other browsers check your specific browser settings or contact your technical support provider. In addition, you can find helpful tips for managing cookies at

7. What’s your approach to GDPR in a nutshell?

At TON we pay great attention not only to your furniture, but also to how we manage your personal information. In doing so we are guided by relevant legislation, but more importantly, by our interest to eliminate all risks associated with processing personal data. Our Privacy Policy summarises all relevant information related to personal data management. 

Documents available for download:

  1. Personal Data Request Form (for the Management of Personal Data Held by TON a.s.)
  2. TON’s Privacy Policy
  3. Definition of the TON Group as Joint Controllers