Malmö Table 706

421 706


The original drawing of wood, clean lines, an attention to details and functionality. Malmö table combines all the elements of Scandinavian design. Obliquely placed legs hold a massive tabletop which is also available in a round version. This table is perfectly complimented by its namesake chair.


Default configuration
Ctrl and mouse wheel
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  • Table top thickness (mm)28
  • Total table height (cm)76
  • Height up to the apron (cm)73,2
  • Distance between legs shorter (cm)51
  • Dimensions (cm)90 x 90
  • Weight of product (kg)35,8 - 40,9
  • Volume (m3)0.079

3D models

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how we make it...

We manually bend our furniture in the same workshops where this technology has been in use since 1861. However, we moved the features of this unique technique further more and mix them with contemporary designers’ thoughts. Our tables and chairs become a connection of quality, innovative shapes and a legacy to the place that has learned to understand the wood for generations.

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