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YYY Table 421: Playful Triple

Three heights, three diameters, and three good reasons to play with this design. When viewed from below, the leg base forms the letter Y, giving the collection its name. The dynamic edge on one side of the tabletop allows the coffee tables to sit neatly along a wall or next to another piece of furniture. Designed by Alexander Gufler.


Design by
Alexander Gufler

10 year warranty

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Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to add a little fun to your life. Leave the rectangular shapes behind, let your imagination run wild and bring lightness and playfulness to your interior. This is the main mission of Austrian designer Alexander Gufler’s “triple Y” coffee table collection. The dominant feature here is the way the shapes playfully combine, in three heights – 35, 42.5 and 50 cm. The differing ratios of tabletop-to-leg-length mean that each table in the collection takes on its own character – but this trio works best when they’re all together.



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