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18 Barstool: A Café Icon

This classic model, which builds on the idea of the original café chair, was created in 1876. The Number 18 barstool provides elegance and lightness comparable to the Number 14 model, but has a vertically filled backrest to add strength while retaining the tall, slender silhouette.


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Interior Design: Alykhan Velji Designs
Photo: Colin Way Photography
Location: Kanada


Total width (cm)
Total depth (cm)
Total height (cm)
95, 110
Seat height (cm)
63, 78
Width of seat (cm)
Depth of seat (cm)
Weight of product (kg)
4.3, 4.6
Consumption of fabric (m)
Leather consumption (m2)
Volume (m3)
0.26, 0.3, 0.308
Box dimensions (cm)
52 × 44 × 99, 130 × 67 × 30, 52 × 44 × 117
Connection into rows

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The Number 18 series has been a favourite for almost 150 years, since it was first produced. Its timeless silhouette is the hallmark of Thonet typology. The Number 18 chair is delicate and lightweight, yet extremely strong thanks to the classic beechwood bending process. The long hand-bent section, which also forms the chair’s legs, follows the inner bend of the backrest all the way to the seat. Its timeless shape and many colour options make it a great addition to any space. This chair is as distinctive as you need it to be, in any interior.

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