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P.O.V. Table 463: Master Of Modularity

Modularity system of tables from German design studio kaschkasch. You can make it king of interior or hide it in your chosen look. It depends on your „point of view“ (P.O.V.). This taller model is suitable for bars because it can be complemented with a handbag hook cleverly hidden under the top of the desk.


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Total width (cm)
70, 80, 90, 100
Total height (cm)
Weight of product (kg)
40.4, 41.8, 42.5, 47.6, 50.4, 54.6, 55.5, 62.7, 63.5, 64, 81.3, 82.9
Volume (m3)
0.057, 0.073, 0.09, 0.109
Box dimensions (cm)
99 × 99 × 8, 109 × 109 × 8, 89 × 89 × 8, 79 × 79 × 8
Connection into rows

P.O.V 3

P.O.V. Collection

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The P.O.V. tables, by design studio kaschkasch, are unobtrusive but may become the focal point of your room – depending on the angle you choose. The collection includes conference, dining and bar heights, three types of table leg and tops in six shapes. Dozens of variations can be created with this modular system, making it suitable for almost any type of interior – office, home, restaurant, even relaxation areas. The tables can be complemented by the stackable stool of the same name, and we also produce a handy trolley for stacked pieces. The collection is available in two types of wood and can be finished in different colours.

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